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的 world is interconnected and ever-evolving. We think learning should be too.

动态学习 is fuelled by research-inspired insights and hands-on experiences. 的 interplay of ideas and action gives our students a powerful edge of expertise.

Learning beyond the classroom

世界杯押注软件app下载的 students learn by doing. Some work with First Nations communities, in international village settings and in wilderness protected areas. Others tackle global 创新 challenges or collaborate on ground-breaking research.

"I kept saying 'I can't believe I'm in class right now,' when we were hiking through a national park, talking to locals in a village or wandering through a palace. I realized the value of experiential learning opportunities like these. Instead of simply learning about topics, we saw them first-hand and had the opportunity to engage with them."

—Geography student Julia Bennett, about the geography department’s India Field School.

Co-operative education

With more than 4,200 placements each year, we have one of 加拿大’s largest university co-operative education 程序s. Co-op integrates academic studies with relevant paid work experience in more than 40 academic areas.

关闭 to half of eligible 世界杯押注 undergraduates take part in co-op and graduate with experience in their field. 75 per cent of our co-op students graduate with job offers.

Undergraduate research awards

Every year, 100 undergraduates from different faculties participate in the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate 研究 Awards (JCURA) 程序. Each student pursues independent research with the guidance of a faculty supervisor. 的y gain direct research experience and a deeper understanding of their field.


田间学校 provide a transformative learning experience for students and faculty. This hands-on experience allows our students to fully appreciate the practical side of research and data analysis.

世界杯押注软件app下载的 students travel, conduct research and work with local and international communities under the close supervision of faculty members.

President’s Beyond Borders Fund

世界杯押注软件app下载的 President’s Beyond Borders Fund encourages students to work and study abroad. We provide funding for students travelling in the Asia-Pacific region, including support for internships, field schools and co-op placements.

LATHE graduate certificate 程序

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LATHE) 程序 prepares graduate students for an academic career in higher education. LATHE students build their teaching portfolios and gain relevant experience while they earn their graduate degree. Instruction is guided by the latest research in the psychology of learning and instruction.


Open California greening

California greening

Two 世界杯押注 Engineering grads, Aaron Fyke and Tyson Woeste, are leading the push for cleaner energy from a home base in sunny, star-filled Los Angeles.



Puppeteer and 世界杯押注 theatre grad Ingrid Hansen stars in hit children’s shows and navigates the “complex universe” created by legend Jim Henson—all while never being seen.

Microplastics may pose a greater threat to marine food webs

的 Conversation: Microplastics may pose a greater threat to marine food webs

Open A passion for justice

A passion for justice

Renowned legal scholar and judge Marion Buller (BA ’75, LLB ’87) brings vast experience, optimism and enthusiasm to her new role as 世界杯押注 chancellor.

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When we give our students the opportunity to take their learning outside the classroom, they put their 创新 into action. 的y engage directly in problem solving, gain career-relevant expertise and experience deep personal growth.

See more videos from the 动态学习 at 世界杯押注 playlist on YouTube.

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